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  1. Небольшое дополнение к выше сказанному, может кому и пригодится. В частности для модели LC32D44E . Lamp error detection 1. Function description This LCD colour television has a function (lamp error detection) to be turned OFF automatically for safety when the lamp or lamp circuit is abnormal If the lamp or lamp circuit is abnormal, or some other errors happen, and the lamp error detection is executed, the following occur. 1- The main unit of television is turned OFF 5 seconds after it is turned ON. (The power LED on the front side of TV turns from green to red.) 2 - If the situation “1” happens 5 times sequentially, the power is turned on (relay is turned ON). However, the backlight is not turned on, and then the relay is turned OFF after 5 to 6 seconds. (The power LED turns from green to red.) 2. Countermeasures When television is turned OFF by the lamp error detection mentioned above, it enters the adjustment process with the power LED red. Entering the adjustment process turns OFF the error detection and turns ON TV. This enables the operation check to detect errors in the lamp or lamp circuit Check whether “L ERROR RESET” on point 7, page 10/11 of the adjustment process is 1 or more. If it is 1 or more, it indicates the lamp error detection was executed. After confirming that the lamp or lamp circuit is normal, reset the lamp error counter pushing “OK” in the R/C. After resetting counter the label “***OK***” appears on Screen. 3. Reset standby cause error list After confirming that the lamp error counter has been erased, select “STAND BY CAUSE RESET” on point 3, page 10/11 of the adjustment process and select ON using the right cursor. For execute press “OK” in the R/C and the label “***OK***” appears on Screen Соответственно неисправные лампы в утилизацию , а лучше все под замену.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    1.LED Телевизор- Samsung 2. UE48J5100AUXRU 3. Платформа HIGH_NT14L2098B_EU_MIDDLE 4. MAIN BN94-08119P , BN41-02098B 5. процессор SENK14 5. panel - BN95-01317A CY-GH048BGEV1V 6. ic801 - 24C256 (eeprom) , ic805 - 25Q40CL (spi) ,ic1102 - F59L1G81A (nand) 7. tuner - BN40-00294
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