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  1. I am sorry, i did not clearly understand you in the beginning.From your clear explanation i too think it is the internal DDR that has failed. Извините, я не совсем понял вас с самого начала. Из вашего ясного объяснения я тоже думаю, что вышла из строя внутренняя DDR.
  2. Thank you Verny68 for the relevant schematic clips you sent. From the look of things he should not worry about the UL2- 1.5v regulator first because it is powered by 5v M only after the standby is activated by the Main processor. So he should focus on the Power Enable circuit around QM2 & QM1.
  3. Hi UL2=1.5v Check pin 163 (Syst Reset) of U1-MSD3463, + Reset circuit CF2,RF2.DF!&DF2. Also if crystal Y1 If it is running at the specified 24MHz.
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