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Philips DTM5096/12


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Philips DTM5096/12



Mcu_          optbk otk5250
Audio DSP_    cirrus logic cs48520cqz
Flash_        25q80

        dvd main

Mcu_          Ali m5673d a1
Motor driver_ s8812
Lazer head_   ep-c101 (очень похож sf-p101n)
Tuner_        mw104fh1-s55d
Flash_        25f20


Считана лично CH341

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Philips DTM5096/12

Просмотр файла

Philips DTM5096/12

Main Mcu_ optbk otk5250 Audio DSP_ cirrus logic cs48520cqz Flash_ 25q80 dvd main Mcu_ Ali m5673d a1 Motor driver_ s8812 Lazer head_ ep-c101 (очень похож sf-p101n) Tuner_ mw104fh1-s55d Flash_ 25f20

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