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Featured Downloads

  • T.MS18VG.72 SUPRA STV-LC32520WL V1L11, Panel HV320WX2-201 By LiVan

    SUPRA STV-LC32520WL V1L11 Panel HV320WX2-201 T.MS18VG.72 T.VST59.A5 CPU TSUMV59XE-Z1-SB FLASH WINBOND 25Q32BVS1G Tuner CDT-3NP5I1-10 AUDIO TPA3110LD2 001: SN:20140608113210-030977 002: Scanning VGA port with wire mode A... 003: MSTAR, MST/TSUM/SE/FE series, external flash. 004: Current selected : MST_EXT_SPI #ISP,Size: 128Mbits,16MBytes. 005: >------------------------------------OK--------------------------------------- 006: VGA
  • MST6M48 LG 47LE5300-ZA, SPI Flash : MX25L8005 By LiVan

    LG 47LE5300-ZA PRODUCT CODE: 47LE5300 -ZA.ARUWLH OCTOBER 2010 Panel LC470EUH (CS)(A1) Main: Main LD01D EAX61 766102(0) 2009.12.23 H.Y.D TU3701 TU3702 EBL60721201 TDTJ-S001D 001: SN:20140608113210-030977 002: SN:20140608113210-030977 , Programmer Firmware Version : V1.0 . 003: Scanning VGA port with wire mode A... 004: MSTAR, MST/TSUM/SE/FE series, external flash. 005: Current selected : MST_EXT_SPI #ISP,Size: 128Mbits,16MBytes. 006: >------------------------------------OK--------
  • LG FLATRON W2043T-PF By woziyanov

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    Прошивка монитора LG FLATRON W2043T-PF   Main: EAX59323102(0) CPU: FE252MH-LF Flash: W25X20AVNIG Matrix: LM200WD1
  • M420F13-E1-L ERISSON 42LEC2000, JUC7.820.00084054, LS1B, 32C2000 By LiVan

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    ERISSON 42LEC2000 Main: JUC7.820.00084054 LS1B 32C2000 Flash: GD25Q64 PANEL M420F13-E1-L U700 TPA3110D2 POWER R-HS100D-1MF12 Вход в сервис: SOURSE-3138
  • main CV59SH-J SUPRA STV-LC32520WL By sania69

    LED TV SUPRA STV-LC32520WL версия V2N05 main CV59SH-J CPU TSUMV59XUS-Z1 SPI Flash GD25Q32BV panel HK315WLEDM-EH6AH T-con ST3151A04-5 EEPROM T-con 24C32 Прошивку слил программатором Тритон+V5.7TM Вход в сервис SOURCE_2_5_8_0 Тело пришло в ремонт без признаков жизни.Подошла прошивка от Supra STV-LC32510WL (V2M12).После вошел в сервис и установил параметр Function_Ti Mode(6). После повторно слил прошивку.
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