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    KenotronTV - hardware repair conferences - communities of repairmen, radio engineers, programmers, specialists in various fields of electronics, willing and able to express their thoughts and adhere to the principle of mutual respect.


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  • TPM6. 1E LA Philips 42PFL3606H/60 By alexsiv

    LCD TV Philips 42PFL3606H/60 Ch.TPM6. 1E LA_ прошивка NAND_EEPROM Прошивка не закодирована и имеет расширение .ntt 1.main + t.con: 715G4609-M4B-000-005X стикер: (T)B4PRZ8S2EQ TQP:A MB:A s/n:1947698M0943 v2.19 2.nand flash K9F1G08UOC стикер: 100TPKGMO13811 v2.19 3.eeprom 24C128W 4.Матрица:LC420WUY 5.проц. MT5366CVGG 6.тюнер TDTK-G731D 7.УНЧ STA339BW
  • LG 32LB561V, LD43B, NC320DXN By san-vai

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    LG 32LB561V Шасси (Main Board) LD43B Panel  NC320DXN В архиве прошивка NAND TC58NVG0S3HTA00 и flash-MX25L8005 ,фото плат. Состав: LG 32LB561V шасси - LD43B main EAX65388006(1.0)-текстолит проц- LGE2134 NAND -TOSHIBA TC58NVG0S3HTA00 flash - MX25L8005 На микре NAND-3.50.01 Матрица - NC320DXN Тюнер -TDJM-G101D
  • LTN156AT29 IRBIS M16Q16HAL, CV59L-G, TSU59XE-Z1, LTN156AT29 By lyutiy

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    IRBIS M16Q16HAL Main CV59L-G CPU TSU59XE-Z1 Flash W25Q32 Panel LTN156AT29 Слито RT809F

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    Shivaki SERVICE MANUAL STV-26LED3/STV-32LED3 STV-26ALED3 Main board(BMT5310-61B--)
  • ACER V173A, RTD2120, RTD2122 By LiVan

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    Acer v173 firmware Acer V173A Ver : V173Ab Panel: M170EG01 MAIN: DAM972RA027 REV:B CPU: U3 RTD2120L SCALER: U7 RTD2122L TPA6021A4 Stereo Audio Power Amplifier Power: U101 STR W6252, Инвертер U301 MP1008ES,   001: SN: 002: Scanning VGA port with wire mode A... 003: REALTEK series, MCU type is RTD2120, built-in flash. 004: Current selected : RTD2120 #ISP,Size: 768Kbits,96KBytes. 005: >------------------------------------OK---------------------------------------006: VGA wire mode: SCL: VGA--15
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